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Capítulo 3 – La Mano

3-1 Forest before Kislev

On her journey to the far regions of Kislev the imperial troops meet an ogre. He is telling them that the road to Talabheim is flooded and that they should take a different path. On this way however they have to fight. Bernhardt trusts the ogres and after a short time the fight begins...

3-2 Attacking the Goblincamp

It turns out that the ogres lied and that the path was not flooded. Jürgen Munz tasked the ogres to attract Bernhardt so he can help them attacking the goblin camp. If he does he will lose many time, he needs it to arrive at the Hand in time. (This is an optional mission)

3-3 The Road to Kislev

Die Grollbringer sind endlich in den eisigen Gefilden Kislevs angelangt. An der Grenze wartet bereits ein Eismagier auf sie, der sich ihnen auch anschließt. Sie sind gerade auf dem Weg zur Königin als sie auf einen Trupp der Untoten treffen.

3-4 Troll-Land

On his further way to the Hand of Nagash the Grudgebringer meet Eric Ragnar and old friend of Bernhardt. He will help Morgan when Morgan will help him fighting some trolls. This mission will cost time but it is the chance to get a strong cavalry regiment.

3-5 The Northern Wastes

Morgen Bernhardt will reach the Hand of Nagash soon but his journey is again blocked by the undead.

3-6 The Hand of Nagash

It is too late. The Hand of Nagash has been freed from her cold prison and a huge horde of the undead is already waiting for him. A difficult fight is waiting for the Grudgebringers...

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