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2-3 The Steam Tank

Commander Bernhardt meets a steamtank-commander, who was right on his way to the Witchtowers, when it broke. The escort was ambushed by the greenskins and they are supposed to come back. Short after the dialogue Clause tells Bernhardt about the first approaching orcs.

Own regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Flagellants Imperial Greatswords Imperial Steam Tank

Enemy's regiments

1x Orc Boar Boyz 3xOrk Boyz 3x Orc Arrer Boyz 1x Orc Shaman


The Empire starts in the middle of the map, in front of the mountain. On this mountain there are several BoarBoyz and a regiment of archers. The archers have got a Banner der Wut and should therefore be destroyed at all costs.
More archers, BoarBoyz and an orc shamane are placed in the south. The steam tank should be sent there to destroy the ork shamane as quick as possible and to attrackt the attention of the long-range-weapons. The assaulting opposing hords can be destroyed by using the other long-range-weapons and in case of need the flagellants and the greatswords can be used for blocking. The remaining units should destroy the regiments on the mountain at the beginning and afterwards they can support the regiments in the front.

Overview Map

Mission 2-3 The Steam Tank


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