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2-2 Great Forest

On his way Bernhardt crosses the city Kemperbad, in which a regiment of imperial greatswords is waiting and joining him. They are immediately marching on and at night, they discover a forest with flagellants, which feel that something evil is hiding in the forest. This supposition will be confirmed soon, when the greenskins flounce out of the forest.

Own regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Flagellants Imperial Greatswords

Enemy's regiments

2x Night Goblins with Fanatics 1xNight Goblin Archers 1x Night Goblin Archers with Fanatics 1xNight Goblin Shaman 1x Gigantic Spider 1x Giant Scorpion


You start in the middle of the map. The first attacks will be coming from east and west. Place your long-range-units in the east to destroy the first invader. In the west should stand: the flagellants, the imperial greatswords and the grudgebringer infantry. Put a level one dispel magic on the grudgebringer infantry and attack the goblin shaman. The other two regiments should lay into the archer-regiment. But be careful, it has got fanatics, so try to hold the losses low.
Meanwhile several gigantic spiders and scorpions are attacking, but they can easily be destroyed by magic or commander Bernhardt. Furthermore two nightgoblin-regiments are coming, but they are not worth to talk about...

Overview Map

Mission 2-2 Great Forest


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