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If you have been wondering why it has been a week since last update. We have rewrttien almost all links, so they are no longer in such sufficient numbers to cause chaos and are instead presented with more meaningful text, as z.B. Campaign.html oder Troops/imperium/Grudgebringer Cavalry.html
These links have just been activated, so have lots of fun:).

After a week off, for "creative pause" Work is finally beginning on Chapter 3. So far, only the text to Mission 3-1 "Road To Kislev" online.Mission 3-1 "Road to Kislev" online.
On Chapters 1 and 2, incidentally, I have the items with the chapters linked to help them in "similar items". Thus, chapter 1 and 2 (first) completes.
I wanted to actually still enter 3-2, but because of my laziness is probably nothing. I am pleased when bembelimen returns, as he motivates me;).;).
Edit: At last I have had time to work on : Mission 3-2 "Attack on the Goblin Camp". There are lots of meaningfull information described in this section; Enjoy the Lesson!
Now it is possible to add your Hamachi-IP to your profile. Than everybody can see your online-status. Just edit your profile (click here). Scroll down to Hamachi. For further information move your mouse cursor on the info icon to the right of the edit field. {comment}

Chapter 2 is finished! I just have to do some small changes than I will beginn with Chapter 3.

Mission "2-5 Sylvania"
Mission 2-6 Drakenhof Castle"

As well as you can see something has changed a little bit:

There is a new design.

Because it is still dewy, maybe some (hopefully small) mistake will appear certainly. We would be pleased very much if you report all mistake to us, so that we can fix them as quickly as possible.

As the second innovation there is a new PM System for registered users. Look right in the Usermenu. Enjoy.

At last one day later still a new download component was furnished.

So and now writes your opinion to us about the new design. {comment}


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