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That's one small click for us...

...one giant leap for the Dark Omen Community?

Everyone played the Trading Post Level. Nothing special there. But did you ever play it this way?

New Board Rules

We translated the Board Rules into English. Please read it here: Board Rules

It's done

Already for months we were tinkering and now it's done: We have a new Homepage.

Instead of twaddling some nonsense we list the new features:

  • There is a new Domain: www.dark-omen.org
  • There is a new Design
  • There is a Blog now
  • We restructured the menu
  • We have build a Ladder Extension which allows you to play against other players and to view your statistics in a rankink list (please use our Chat or Hamachi to find opponents)
  • The Forum, the WIKI and the Chat got a new Design and a new URL
  • Now it's possible to comment the news
  • The Troops got stats (attributes like attack or movement) and voting stars
  • and many more

Have fun by poking around.

The Dark Omen Community now have a New Dark Omen Map Editor that has the ability to Mod Maps. Mikademus has very kindly released his Dark Omen Map Editor TextEditor Amazingly he isn't stopping there and intends to build a more graphical Interface for us to use. So any help would be greatly appreciated, as he deserves a well earned rest!

These are very exciting times as we would also like to Thank Rob for his help in creating the new Dark Omen Map textEditor (as they have both been working flat out for many weeks modding). but also to thank him for his new Beta DarkOmenViewer-New Sprite Editor based on Mikademus's original DOC111-Mdose sprite editor Rob created a new (based on MDOSE) Spriteeditor (beta). 2 perfect gifts for Dark Omen's 10th anniversary.

Many Thanks for this great work.

Last but not least we would say thanks to Olly. He is always available if s.o. need some help, some new ideas or also as Motivator and Booster. Thanks.


Our Visitor Counter broke at the 6th of April 2008 the 10000 Visitor Count.
This site was founded at 5th of February 2007. We are sure that we will have 20000 visitors before the 2nd birthday.

We've also installed a Wiki (like Wikipedia). It's currently nearly empty but if you want you can add new entries. We hope that it will be filled fast with entries :)
Note: You will have to create a new account in the Wiki

Visit the Wiki


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